• January 27, 2021

Robert Capa, the Landing operation photographer

Hungarian Friedmann Capa (Andrei Friedmann Capa, called Robert) was born in Budapest. Photographer messenger, he is always on the front line. With his photos from various battle points on the ground, Capa realized many clichés that have remained direct witnesses to military history to this day. He lost his life in the war in Indoshina.

Robert Capa (1913 – 1954) took many photographs during the Landing in French Normandy during World War II. But most of the 200 photos were lost. Capa is the messenger photographer, always engaged on the front lines. His photographs, not always of good quality, remain to this day a living testimony to the destructive power of war and the broken lives of countless soldiers who never return. A few days after D – Day, June 6, The Face in the Surf Live published 11 photos of Capa. These photos have survived to this day. One of the most famous photos, although blurry, is the one in the background showing a soldier in a helmet swimming in the water. It also shows the obstacles that the Germans put in the water to stop the advance of Allied vessels. Capa himself said that “if the photos are not good, then the photographer is not ready yet”. The photos also show the typical boats built especially for the Landing. They are very light and made of wood lined with metal plate.

Today, more than 9,300 American soldiers are buried in the American Cemetery, Colville-sur-Mer, Calvados, located on top of the Norman rock beneath the ocean. The cemetery is visited by more than 1 million tourists a year.

Robert Capa


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