• January 21, 2021

Richard Parks Bonnington

Richard Parks Bonnington (1802-1828) is a little-known but extremely talented English artist. He began painting when he was only three years old, encouraged by his parents. He completed his education in Calais,France and spent most of his life in Paris.

The end of the 18th century in England was marked by changes in social and economic life, by the boom of the Industrial Revolution, the development of which was accompanied by the destruction of nature: the construction of factories, railways, coal mines. These processes have an impact on fine art – the leading genre is the landscape: artists begin to pay great attention to nature, thus expressing their protest against its destruction. Connoisseurs of paintings and buyers are also beginning to prefer landscapes.

Bonnington uses various techniques – oil painting, watercolor and pencil. In addition to landscapes, he also creates paintings with historical plots. They recreate beautiful places from Normandy, Venice, Paris. Bonnington takes us in the world of seascapes with swaying ships and quiet piers, in the tranquility of the rural landscape or in the austerity of urban architecture.


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