• January 21, 2021

Dokuzak Waterfall

The highest and deepest waterfall in Strandzha Mountain Dokuzak Waterfall (translated from Turkish – “nine springs”) is located about 7 kilometers from Malko Tarnovo on the road to the village of Stoilovo. It is a karst spring that collects its water from the Malm limestones in the Stoilov karst basin. Its average flow is 340L/sec. (max. 1060L/sec., min. 120L/sec.). The average temperature is 13.6 degrees.

You can admire the waterfall, the beauty of nature, the birdsongs, while having a snack in the shelter built nearby. Dokuzak waterfall is about 5 meters high, but it is extremely beautiful and a small pond has formed on the place its sparkling waters fall. A cool place that you can visit during the hot summer months.

Near the waterfall there is an eco-trail to the village of Stoilovo, which is 2 km long and has signs with information about biodiversity in the area.

If you are in the area of Malko Tarnovo, be sure to visit the Dokuzak waterfall!


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